Monday, January 28, 2013


When we last left off, I told you how we put a bid in on the house of our dreams.
Sadly we didn't get it.
Our offer was beat by several thousands of dollars. 
I know there are other houses out there. 
Better houses. 
Don't worry. I'm keeping my head up. 
by dying my hair black. 

drinking lots of coffee. 

Reading the IKEA catalog and taking lots of notes while wearing fuzzy pink slippers. 

Enjoying the really rainy weekend we had here in Phoenix. 

On to the next. 



Angi said...

That sucks about the house!! :( you will find another one though. I am keeping my fingers crossed and saying prayers for you.

I love the hair! You went black...I went more's been the weekend of the hair, apparently!

Sarah said...

I am sorry about your house BUT you will find something! I just know it!!

I like the hair too! Very cute!

Jasmyne! said...

Keep looking, you guys will find something that you adore and you already knowing I'm loving the black on you ;) I've been going crazy with my Ikea catalog too, kind of addicted!

Helene said...

i am so sorry you didn't get your house. I went through that too. it's awful!

Casey said...

That sucks about the house. When you do finally get one, it will be so exciting. I am selling a house up in the Portland area if you are interested :)

Angie said...

Sorry to hear about the house. You know though that it obviously just wasn't "your" house. Keep looking, the perfect place awaits you. It's all part of a bigger plan :)

Jaz said...

I know I said it before, but it sucks about the house. This just means that there's something bigger and better out there for y'all. Btw, your hair looks gorgeous!