Monday, January 21, 2013

i can't help falling in love.

So today I’m officially a nervous wreck… Since we were out bid on the last house we really fell in love with, I was very hesitant about going out this weekend and looking for houses. What if I fell in love with another one? What if I start decorating another house in my mind and on pinterest again only to be disappointed?

After both my boyfriend and Realtor bribed me with Starbucks (those two know the key to my heart) we set out to look at houses.

The first one I was still a little grumpy and didn't like the layout. The second one the bathroom was bothering me. The third one I kinda liked. The fourth one however, I fell in love.

I’m talking everything that I wanted in a house.
Colby immediately fell in love.
I fell in love.

We put in another bid.

Then I came to this conclusion.
House buying is totally like dating.
Let’s hope we get a call back for a second date.

Until then I’ll be nervously biting my nails and finding things to occupy my time. 

Oh I could always announce the winner to the amazing giveaway I hosted. 
It was Bella at sitting waiting wishing
Congrats Bella!!!


Amy said...

Eek fingers crossed for you!!!

Tiffany @ PinkFaithToday said...

Best wishes with the house! ;-)

Angi said...

Crossing my fingers and toes for you guys!

Anonymous said...

The waiting game is the worst. My husband and I are planning a move in the near future and I keep looking at houses online, decorating them in my mind and planning w/Pinterest. I have to keep reminding myself, we don't even know when we're moving yet!!

Wishing you nothing but the best and I hope y'all get a "second date"!!

xoxo Amber
Obviously Obsessed

Law_Fal said...

good luck!

Kimberly said...

LOL @ it being a little "grumpy". LOL. Well, I'm sure you'll find a place to call home that smiles as soon as you pull up to it. ;].

Great blog!