About me

Is it just me or does anyone else think that about me pages sound a little bit like personal ad’s you’d find on match.com or something? Well here's what my match.com profile would look like. 

My hair color is always changing. I curse too much and overuse words the words seriously and clearly.  I have issues with passing up a handbag, leaving Target empty handed, or for anything pretty and sparkly. I live in Phoenix Arizona with a boy who stole my heart and our two dogs, Koda and Cruz. Yup, I named my dog after the salsa dancing, Campbell’s Chunky Soup slanging wide receiver of the New York Giants. It’s safe to say I’m obsessed with the Giants. Every other weekend there are two little boys who come over and visit with their Daddy and I get to practice being a Mommy. I’m not ashamed to admit that I am infatuated with my iPhone and taking pictures. Occasionally I will play the lottery- mostly after I've spent the whole day on Pinterest. A cupcake is not safe around me. I often quote “Mean Girls.” Spelling and grammar are not my strong points. I have the ability to talk, a lot. I can also be extremely loud at times, especially during sporting events. It doesn't matter if I am at the game or watching it on TV. If it’s not a strike, foul, or penalty I’m gonna let someone know I am displeased. I sell this amazing stuff called, Scentsy, and I promise to make you wish you could scratch and sniff your computer screen.  I like long walks on the beach, good conversations, Diet Dr. Pepper, making people laugh, dancing, sports, and the color pink.

Seeking friends and readers whom enjoy all the randomness I choose to write on.