Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday's funnies.

Tuesday's are normally so boring.
I figured I would do my part in trying to spice it up by making you laugh at least one day out of the week in a new weekly post called 'Tuesday's funnies.' (how creative is that title?) Where I show you what has made me really laugh out loud this past week.

 (me too Boo Boo)

(This is perfect... Must remember.) 

(Please God can you make this happen? Who do you think wins this battle?)



Kristin said...

haha that honey boo boo one cracks me up!

Casey said...

I saw that pizza one a couple of weeks ago and about died laughing. I realize it's probably not the funniest thing in the world, but for what ever reason I couldn't stop.

And I always crack up at student work :)

Syndal said...

hahahaha that instagram one cracked me up!!! so funny. so true. :)

Katie said...

hilarious! I love these! PS) I mentioned you in my Tuesday post :)

Anonymous said...

The swag/YOLO one makes a good point...*shudder*...hehe.