Monday, October 22, 2012

This weekends.

Clearly, I have taken a little break from bloggin.
I needed to take some time off from everything and clear my head.

I spent lots of time reflecting, appreciating, loving, missing, crying, laughing, feeling thankful, overwhelmed, and being happy. I'm not forcing myself to be a certain way, I just go with the flow. Today, I woke up and missed blogging so much. I miss coming up with posts, taking pictures and most importantly interacting with my sweet friends.

So without further ado.... Here's what I did the past couple weekends in one post.

Spent lots of time with my sweet boyfriend. 

Spent lots of time with some of my besties.

Spent time concentrating on my fantasy football team Sweet Ballaholics. What do the Atlanta Falcons and I have in common. Hint our records are the same.

Spent time getting my hair did. 

Spent time dying my hair. I'm now a racy red head.

 Spent some time with Romney and Obama.

Spent time picking the perfect pumpkins.

Spent time making this skully shirt. I had tons of fun destroying this shirt. 

Did I mention that I spent time being happy?

I'm back.




Casey said...

I've missed your funny posts! I've been following you on Instagram but its just not the same :(

Micah said...

It's so great to see you in my Google Reader feed again. Especially with a smile on your face!!

Ashlee :) said...

So great to have you back to the blog world :) I'm with Casey, I've missed your funny posts! Hope things are good your way!

Jennifer Petrie said...

sometimes you need a break from blogging. glad you're back

You look like you've been having lots of fun.

I love the red!