Thursday, July 5, 2012

Crushing Currently.

Obsessed with hot pink and navy blue. It's totally my favorite color combo in the whole world.
Wishing there was support group for people that panic when they order a drink at Starbucks. Or special line for them. Nothing worst then rushing into Starbucks and having to wait for someone to order their drink and asking a million questions. MOVE! can you tell this happened to me today?
Listening to Coldplay Sparks. such a pretty song.
Stressing about my party on Saturday night. How am I going to fit all of these people in my house? What am I going to cook? Why is my house not decorated the way I want it to be?
Hating Steve Nash went to the Lakers. That's right the most loved Phoenix Suns player went to the most hated team in Phoenix. The Lakers. ew.
Loving Twitter!!! I posted a tweet last night and look!!! This nice man deemed my tweet the dumbest of the day!!! HECK YEAH!!! I totally got like 10 more followers because of him. However he wouldn't play along with me...How can you call someone's tweet dumb and then not respond back when I give you my rebuttal? Oh Steve! I'm gonna have so much fun with you....
PS. I have no problem with Canadian's... This is a joke.

I love all of your faces. 

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Amy W. said...

Oh wow! Pink and navy are hot together!! Love those pink hot lips! Party saturday? Whats the occasion?

Niki said...

You've got great taste - these were my wedding colors!

Jaz said...

I love this color combo! And I couldn't stop laughing at that twitter post. *waggles fist at him for not letting posting your rebuttal*

Amy said...

Eww I hate the Lakers too (and I'm from CA so I am SURROUNDED with Lakers Lovers). I feel your frustration girl.

kristennw712 said...

Love hot pink and navy....although I'm starting to fall in love with navy and lavender. :) happy Thursday!

The Management said...



That is all.

Ashley said...

I love those Colors too!!! I'm finding you on twitter right now!

Ashley Allan said...

Color combo is great, but more importantly, Nash broke my heart yesterday. I don't think we have discussed my deep love for the Suns that goes way back to the Barkley, KJ and Thunder Dan era. I get it Nash, you want to stay close to the kiddos, but you're leaving us for the enemy? Way to pour salt in the wound Nash. I wish you the best stats possible with a losing season!

PrettyRiot said...

HA! That's awesome about your tweet! Some people make me laugh when they get their Canadian panties in a wad!

Amanda Nicole said...

I'm so impatient.. I hate waiting behind people that make it seem like they tried to take forever. And stop stressing about your party on Saturday! I'm willing to bet it will be perfect! I hope you have the best time!!!

Elisabeth @ La Vita e Bella said...

absolutely loving the navy and pink - my friend had them for her wedding colors and it was such a preppy and classy combo :)
just found your blog form hollies FF - excited to be your newest follower!
ps. i'd love for you to drop by and say hi at

Nicole Buckingham said...

I read your bio-- I'm sold. =)

Stopping by to say "HI" and to follow ya from The ALOHA Friday HOP!!! Thanks so much for sharing your aloha with us, it is so sweet to have you in the mix.

We're peeking in a New Zealand Mama's beach bag and giving away over $100 in Beach Beauty Awesomeness today-- come join us for the ride... you know, if you're feeling lucky. =)

Happy Weekend,