Friday, July 6, 2012

Let's Party.

I have an announcement.
No I’m not pregnant… Promise ya’ll would be the first to know since we are BFF’s.

DRUM ROLL………… I am a brand new Scentsy consultant!!! 

That’s right I am a former candle horder turned Scentsy consultant.

Fact: There is nothing I love more then for our home to feel comfortable, look nice and smell wonderful. 

So I was sold on the fact that I found a safe alternative to scented candle.... 
Fact: I also love the fact that I don’t have to worry about the boys setting the house on fire when I leave the room because there is no flame!

Seriously guys…Scentsy is one of those product lines that hit every mark with me.

Tomorrow I am hosting my Scentsy launch party. I realize that I can't invite all of my blogging friends, mostly due to lack of proximity. I really hate that ya’ll live all over the place!!! Come move to Phoenix now!!!!

ANYWAYS, in a case of shameless self-promotion, I can tell you that if you're interested in Scentsy or in ordering some product, you can still come and order from my party!!!!
My consultant's website has a link where you can order product just like you would if you were attending my party. Isn't that cool? Just click here. On the front page, you'll see "My Open Parties" and click where it says “Courtney’s Launch Party”! Then grab a glass of wine and start your shopping! 

If you don't want to order, you’re still cool in my book, but just check out the products!!! Trust me they smell AMAZING. And of course you can email me if you have ANY QUESTIONS!!!

I love candles and was ALWAYS buying them (Seriously if you have stock in Glade or Febreze I am sorry your gonna take a hit) When I went to my first Scentsy party, I was hooked. For realz-ie, saw it, smelled it decided that I needed to sell it!  These are wickless candles and have no flame. The wax just melts. And there are tons of neat scents.

Did I mention that they are Husband/Boyfriend approved?

You know I am buying this!!!! It will be perfect for game days!!!
They also have a campus collections so you can rep' you or your boy toy's school... College football is right around the corner!!!

So will you check it out? You may fall in love.... 
So there you go. Shameless self-promotion. But, then again, it's my blog, so I can do that!

Love your faces! 


The Management said...

Oddly enough the bar I worked in had one of these back where we took our breaks, probably because that's where all of our spare shoes were kept. It was actually amazing though, it made a gross area smell so great.

Illegally Blonde said...

Love my warmers!! I've got one in the office, and three at home!

Anne said...

I have always wanted to try these things! How much do they average cost wise?

kayla said...

WOO! I love Scentsy! Commence online! :)

Jamie said...

Woo hoo! Congrats!

Mrs. Monologues said...

How exciting. I love scentsy. Burning three warmers as we speak.

Lyzz said...

I'm such a hood rat and never have the money to buy scentsy. I would like the Ohana warmer for my birthday.. (cough cough). J/k.

Ashley said...

I love the burners and I have a few but never from this company! I have already scoped out your website and picked out some stuff. Payday in 4 days. Tell me hat scents are the best since I can't smell them obvs!

Jasmyne said...

Yes!!! You will def. be hearing from me soon, all my candles are done and I have a slight addiction!

SKR said...

I just bought a ton of Scentsy stuff last week from the boyfriends' Mom.. can't wait to try it out! Good luck selling! :]