Thursday, May 3, 2012


*That I had to google what YOLO means...  
*That I have a mound of laundry to do… But watching Vampire Diaries is more important.
*That my boyfriend calls Vampire Diaries “Twilight.”
*That I have spent most of my day lost in blog land.  
*That after attending the Arizona Bloggers conference this past weekend my brain has been in blog idea’s overdrive that I had to buy a journal to keep my thoughts organized! Can’t wait to tell you what’s going on here!!! STAY TUNED!

* That every time I hear talk about the Olympics I get so excited for my little cousin Megan Romano!!!
*That I plan on taking a trip up to Colorado if she makes qualifies for the Olympics because there is no way I can make it to London! Did you know all the events are sold out and the cheapest room is $1200 a night?!
*The Olympic committee is allowing cell phone pictures to be taken at the events so I am sure I will be getting non-stop pictures the whole time.
*That I am contemplating ways I can scam Sprint into giving me an iPhone for free.
* That I totally love Jessica Simpson’s daughter’s name…Maxwell… Because I love boy’s names for girls…
*That I understand that Maxwell will probably be mad fun and called ‘Maxi’

Its Ok Thursdays


Sarah said...

I didnt know what yolo meant either. I also think maxwell is cute however I feel that celebs are in a race to see who can have the most unique name.... What wrong with Emma or Grace lol

Nicole said...

I wanted to Google Yolo too! But then dumb work got in the way! lol Good Luck to your cousin, how exciting!

Happy Thursday! =D

Monica said...

Ok I have to ask!! What does YOLO mean?

Bethany said...

Laundry is always at the bottom of my to do list haha. So excited about your cousin!!! Keep us updated!

Casey said...

I knew YOLO, but I teach middle school so I'm in the know on all things cool. (I also used swag in a sentance appropriately the other day.)
My hubby calls anything with Vampires "Twilight" including True Blood.
Yay for your cousin! What events?
I also want a free iPhone. When you figure out how, let me know.
I love boys names for girls. I thought Maxwell Drew was really cute too.

Angie said...

I was just telling my daughter that the poor child would take a tonn of ridicule and be called "Maxi"

Style-Delights said...

LOL, I had to google YOLO myslef! BTW, You have a lovely blog! Came here via 'blog love therapy' blog-hop and now following you! I'd appreciate if you please check out my blog and follow back!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
Style-Delights Blog

kayla said...

I love the name Maxwell for a girl! Actually, I have this thing for boy names for girls. Haha, just Googled YOLO.