Friday, May 4, 2012

But Now I've Got To Pass The Mic To Yauch...

Dear Adam Yauch,
This is a love letter.
To you and how you brought us all together.
We can't say enough about all you do.
Cause when we listen to the Beastie Boys were ourselves and united with you.
(my adapted verse from 'Open Letter to NYC' to honor MCA.) 

The first album that meant something to me was 'licensed to ill.'
I know every word to every song on that album.

The first concert my mom let me go with just friends was the 'Hello Nasty' tour in 1998.
The show was jammed packed with energy and provided the soundtrack to friendships, fun and good times.  

Do you have a favorite Beastie Boys memory?
Did you see them?
Meet them?
What is your favorite Beastie Boys related memory?
Favorite song? 

Rest Peacefully MCA 
Our lives may end but our legends live on with anthems we will sing forever.

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Anonymous said...

I never had the opportunity to see them live but have been following their career since I was about 12. Hello Nasty was a favorite of mine but I have really enjoyed their musical progression. Thanks for sharing the love.