Friday, February 3, 2012

So Fetch Friday vol.#5.

Week 5 So Fetch.
Let's go!
Super Bowl, Rings and Big Blue!!!

The Big Game. via

Won't admit this.

Rocking the new Headband from Miss Priss!!! Seriously love it... 
Happy Big Blue Friday Girls.. 
That's not Westside... That's win... Win Big!!! 


Victoria said...

Courtney you seriously make me laugh, like everday. Sometimes twice a day when I re-read your posts. THAT is how cool you are.

Damn I sound like a stalker.... haha

Courtney Johnson said...

Yes!!! My first stalker ever!!!
Thanks for your kind words you've made my day.

Kimberly said...

Love your blog (of course). Loving your new headband and the many faces of Eli Manning. What a hoot. :)
I posted my first link up party that will last all weekend. I hope you join in.

Virginia said...