Thursday, February 9, 2012


This week has been the mother of all weeks... I went from being so happy to sitting in the hospital scared. 
Let me break it down.

Super Bowl Sunday started off perfect.  The house was perfect, the weather was perfect and the food was perfectly prepared and awaiting consumption.

The house quickly filled with people and excitement.

The grill was fired up and filled the backyard with yummy smells that make your stomach rumble.

The food came off the grill and everyone gathered in the kitchen anxious to stuff our faces with Hamburgers, hot dogs, Ribs and my mom’s world famous macaroni salad.

Bellies filled we settled in to watch the game.

It was such a great game. We salsa’ed  along with Cruz, cheered on the defense, clapped for Eli’s completed passes, screamed at Manningham when he didn’t get his feet in bounds, screamed even louder when he did, jumped up and down when Bradshaw scored the last touchdown of the year and Tucked back when Tuck sacked Brady.

When the pass was batted down in the end zone and the game said FINAL… Screams, cheers, tears and lots of hugs were shared.

Super Bowl Champion New York Giants… Such an amazing feeling.

I am not really sure when we got the call... I know it was sometime during "The Voice," my boyfriend came inside and looked like he had just seen a ghost...
I asked him what was wrong and he said "my Mom is being rushed to the hospital right now." He blinked and tears rolled down his face.

I sat stunned and my Mom quickly said she would take us to the hospital.

The whole car ride I sat wondering what could have happened and tried my hardest to be positive. But the moment we walked into the hospital and saw all his family there my heart immediately dropped.  

She had not been feeling well for a couple weeks and started having lots of pain and difficulty breathing during the Super Bowl. When the game was over she turned to my boyfriend’s step dad and said “Courtney is gonna be so happy,” and passed out.

He called 911 and she was rushed to the hospital where she was unresponsive.. I went from tears of joy to tears of sadness in an hour.

Her lung had collapsed and she had an infection on her lung… She was stabilized and rushed into emergency surgery.

We all sat there… No words were exchanged… Everyone staring off in some direction…

I felt stupid for having my jersey on because people kept congratulating me… I softly thanked each and everyone but felt guilty after.

At about 2 am the doctor came out and told everyone that they had stabilized her and she was out of surgery but would need to remain in ICU for the next couple days. He told us that we could all go home she was resting and so should we.

Listening to the doctor we all made our way out of the hospital… We got home and I started cleaning up and I though about how funny life is. One minute you could be on top of the world and the next it could all come crashing down.

Monday she was doing better. Tuesday got really bad. Wednesday she was better again. They are keeping her in ICU until today as a precaution.

So that’s where I have been… I didn’t forget about you or get crazy drunk and arrested J

Last night I got a phone call from her… She said “I am so happy that your Giant’s won. Where’s the victory video? I need a good laugh.”

Now it feel’s ok to be happy, to dance and celebrate. J

Missed you guys!!!


Page Twenty-Two said...

WOW - that is A LOT of emotion to experience all in one night:( I'm so sorry that happened to her. Praying for a full recovery!!

Katie said...

I'm stunned! How things can just switch on a dime. Keeping her in my prayers!

Courtney Johnson said...

Thank you Shannon!!! It was very tough... The guilt of being happy for a second made me sick... Her doctor told my boyfriend that she should make a full recovery by March! :)

Courtney Johnson said...

Thank you Miss. Katie... It was so difficult... But the doctor told my boyfriend today that she should make a full recovery by March!!! So now I feel like I have lots to celebrate :)

Ashley said...

So glad she is feeling better girl! I know it's going to work out fine because she seems like a strong lady and she has kept her humor which is always good! Prayers sent your way girlie! Keep us posted!

Angie said...

Scary stuff! Glad she will recover, hoping all goes smoothly for her!

Virginia said...

Holy smokes!!!

You will all be in my thoughts. I am glad you were able to enjoy the entire game but sad that your celebration afterwards was cut short ... but mostly because I can only imagine how scary that was for you guys.

Wonderful to hear she is improving though :)

Courtney Johnson said...

Thanks for the prayers!!! :)
She really is doing so well she may get out of the hospital today! She will have to have a nurse come to the house but we will take it!!

Courtney Johnson said...

I would love to give her a good spa day @ home of course... So I will be picking your brain soon! :)

Courtney Johnson said...

Yeah... That's how my night went... I am just happy that she is doing so much better... She told me that she put me through the ultimate test because I always joke that nothing comes before the Giants when they are playing...
This lady. :)