Monday, February 13, 2012

The more you know...

Dear Sweet Readers,

I think it's time you learn a little about me...  Miss. Neely over at A Complete Waste of Makeup, completely agrees... 

So in an effort to meet some new friends and prove to my awesome followers that there is, in fact, more to me then just the New York Giants I decided to participate in this link up!!! 

This is me... This is what I would look like if we were having a conversation. Pretend that you are sitting at the table with me as I present to you: 

"Courtney*Cakes: A list of fun and some random facts to help you with getting to know yours truly.
*i want to be know as the girl with a smile on her face always. 
*i love happy people and knowing that i have the power to make others SMILE.
*i am really friendly... or at least i always try to be.
*i am always ready to meet new people. 
*i am loyal to the end to anyone i call a friend.
*i am passionate about subjects the erk me.
*i am 29+1 years old. 
*i refuse to admit i am no longer in my twenties. age is just a number right? 
*i hate Monday mornings and feeling unprepared.
*i have a lot in life that i am ready to take on... 
*i love quotes. i have 3 books of quotes that i have written over the years. i plan on sharing many of these.

*i'm not perfect by any means and i love knowing that. 
*i want a big dog and name it Denali.
*i like to go fishing as long as i don't catch anything...or have to put the worm on the hook. 
*i love being me.
* i once got detention in high school when another student and i raced across the room. i was going to sharpen my pencil and he was going to turn in his homework. so the race was pointless...
*spend more then 10 minutes with me and you just may adopt my mannerisms. 
*i text entirely way to much
*i love music and embrace those who can create it. 
*infomercials are shamelessly interesting.
*i have lived half my life in New York and the other half in Phoenix. 
*i am insanely competitive at trivia games.

*i love hearing the perfect song...and dancing...god i love dancing
*i love waking up in the morning and realizing it's not time to get up just yet.
*i love waking up and feeling like the day is filled with so many possibilities.
*i love driving fast with the windows rolled down and the way the wind pushes my hair back off my face
*i love a good cup of coffee (extra light & extra sweet)
*i get so excited when i get a package in the mail even though it's something i ordered myself. 
* i love stepping on the scale and seeing that it's gone down a teensy bit.

*i love being short even though i complain about it.
*i love my eyes. 
*a perfect day would consist of shopping, going to a spring training game, and Malibu bay breezes made just right (heavy on the pineapple)
*i love making things with my hands.
*i love when my hair cooperates with me and when i can pull it all together with a great outfit. 

...add all of that together, throw in some sports and celebrity gossip and you got your self a blog called Courtney*Cakes 


Sarah @ 90 Percent Blonde... said...

I love these! I complain about being short too but I wouldn't want to be much taller

Courtney Johnson said...

yeah I think 5'3 is good :)

Al said...

Ok lady, you look like a WICKED good time - life of the party! Glad to have found you from Neely's today!

Hope you had an awesome day! :)

Bethany said...

What a great list! I have quote books too haha. And yay for short people! You have such an awesome attitude about life and I love reading about your adventures :)

Katie said...

Love this! I'm an avid texted...I need help! Lets be bff's and text each other! Lol. I love dancing too though I'm horrible at it! Getting things in the mail that aren't bills are great! Xoxo

Summer-Raye said...

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Happy Valentines Day

Page Twenty-Two said...

I also love infomercials, pineapple cocktails and trivia games!! Loved reading this to learn more about you!! I visited Phoenix a few years ago and LOVED it - I hope to visit again soon:)

Martha @A Southern Transplant said...

Hi! I, too, am intrigued by infomercials. love to dance in random places, and no one I know will ever play trivia with me because I am so competitive!
Will be visiting your blog again soon!!!

Courtney Johnson said...

Why thank you!!! I tend to be the life of the party... In fact I was asked to be a bridesmaid in a friends wedding because of my ability " get the party started!"

Courtney Johnson said...

Aww! Your awesome and I am glad you enjoy my little piece of the internet :)

Courtney Johnson said...

Absolutely!!! Let's be text and pen pals!

Courtney Johnson said...

Heading over there now!!!! :)

Courtney Johnson said...

You need to come out here again! You didn't get to see the best part of Phoenix!!! Me!!!! :)

Courtney Johnson said...

Haha! I get called a cheater all the time... But seriously who doesn't know the name Chris Kirkpatrick's clothing line? :)

Please come again soon!