Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How we came to be...

I love that you love me for being me.
I love that you try so hard to be romantic even though you don't have a single romantic bone in your body. 
I love that you haven't changed your football team after 3 football seasons of dating a Giants fan who has an equally fanatical mother and 3 best friends.
I love that you cheered for the Giants just as loud as I did during the playoffs.
I love that you know members of my favorite football team even though I don't really know anyone on your team. (Promise to work on it next season.
I love that you let me sing Billy Joel, The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Frank Sinatra and Adele to you.
I love that you work hard, get dirty and sweaty.
I love that you fix whatever is broken and try to teach me like I care. 
I love that you talk to our dog like he is a human.
I love that you think the way to beat the hot summer nights is at a Diamondbacks game with an ice cold beer.
I love that you hate Facebook and make fun of me for being addicted.
I love that you are an amazing father that loves his kids more then anything.
I love that you have completely changed your life around from a wild and crazy  bad boy to a guy that wants to stay home with his girlfriend and obeys all the laws. 
I love that you love The Soprano's as much as me. 
I love that you can spend the whole day in bed with me watching T.V. and napping and call it "a perfect day"
I love that you can't dress yourself but try so hard. 
I love that you cook dinner for me and you think that mash potatoes and french fries are appropriate side dish.
I love that you make the best boxed macaroni and cheese.
I love that you make me laugh until my face hurts.
I love that you yell trust fall when I am walking behind you.
I love that you get upset when someone hasn't played a word in 2 hours. Seriously if anyone wants to play him give me your screen name and I will pass it along :)
I love that you always wear basketball shorts and sweatpants and always wear a hat. 
I love that you encourage all my Pinterest ideas and that you grounded me from it. 
I love that you also liked me all through out high school although we never spoke just always smiled at each other. 

I love that when I asked you to prove that you liked me in high school you answered Freshman year you always wore overalls.. Sophomore year you always Tommy Hilfiger shirts.. Junior year you always wore your hair like Rachel from Friends... And Senior year you always had little clips in your hair and glitter on your eyes.

I love that after years of not seeing each other we both forgot about the people we had come to the bar with and we sat and talked each other whole night... 

I love that from that night at the bar on we have been inseparable. 

I love that when I asked you what you wanted to do tonight you said "I am cool with not doing anything babe but laying on the couch and eating grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup' because you know that's my idea of a perfect evening.. 

Happy Valentine's Day to all my lovelies!


Katie said...

What a great guy!! Such a cute couple! :)

Courtney Johnson said...

Oh he is.. I will have to share our love story someday cause it's crazy how many times our paths have crossed before we started dating.

Thanks :)