Friday, January 27, 2012

So Fetch Friday. vol. #4.

Typically on Friday's I bombard you with two blog posts... I love linking up with Shannon at Page Twenty-Two for her Fun Photo Friday's and do a So Fetch Friday post... Well work totally got in the way of that... Really, how rude? But I have (my opinion) the best job ever so I really don't mind...

And as I sat in my meeting for work today I was totally inspired for this weeks So Fetch Friday...

You see when I am not sitting at work reading blogs and writing posts, I get to work with the most amazing people I have ever met. Because I am a Hospice Volunteer coordinator...

First, yes I get paid. (I get that question all the time) My job is to recruit and train wonderful people who want to give their time to a dying person... Essentially, I am asking someone to become a person's last best friend.

Second, my job is hard. I work with the dying. It's not for the faint of heart. But hospice is not about dying it's about living. I get to hear the most amazing stories. Our hospice works with mostly geriatric patients. People who have lived long and wonderful lives. These people are our living history books. I have met men who have worked beside Henry Ford, fought in Wars and built this great nation of ours. Women who have paved the way for women's rights, took care of wounded soldiers and raised our parents.

I hear stories about love... The kind of love that you see in movies... I get to see The Notebook every day. We have patient's who have been married for 50+ years die days after their spouse.

I really could go on and on about hospice... I would love to answer any questions that you may have about being a hospice volunteer or about hospice or my job... you can email me at or leave a comment...

For today's So Fetch Friday I want to leave you with some images of hospice volunteers doing what they do best... Being.

This last picture is my favorite. Laughter is the best medicine. There is nothing better then making someone laugh.

I hope you enjoyed this So Fetch Friday as much as I enjoyed sharing with you...

Oh and here is my picture for Fun Photo Friday!

Giants Game!!!! by

Come on I can't go more then two posts without mentioning the Giants!
This is from the Giants game 4 years ago... We clearly are taunting the Arizona Cardinal fans. :) This was the second time we played in the Stadium... I won't mention the first since I am linking up with a Patriot's fan. :)

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momto8 said...

thank you for doing the work you do.
And we are Eagles other comment.

Page Twenty-Two said... are a special person to be able to work in a job like that and the world needs people like that! Good for you and they are lucky to have you! Second..thanks for linking up!! Love this pic...we are getting closer to Super Bowl Sunday!!! :)