Monday, January 30, 2012

Oh snap. Phone Style.

I like to think that What Makes Savanah Smile is that people participate in her link up. I am always down to make someone smile.. 

This week was boring! No big wins... No dances... No football... I was really hoping to get some crafting done but two boys totally got in the way of that...But I did spend some time on Pinterest planning my super bowl party and the Mr.'s birthday party... One thing I can promise is that both will be a blast! 

Anyways, here's a look at my Phone Photo fun for this week! 

 1. Arizona has the most amazingly beautiful sunsets ever... On Monday night we were treated to a cotton candy sky. 
2. This is what our Friday night sky looked like... Purple and perfect. 

3. Got my nails did. They are ready for the Super Bowl. 
4. Was cut off by this guy... However after reading his licence plate I didn't mind... I stalked him until I could take a picture of the licence plate because you shouldn't drive and take a picture at the same time... (my PSA for the month) 
5. I missed my boys! But I did run into Eli at the bar and then made the Mr. take a picture of us. 

6. The siz. 
7. Smashburger that is... Seriously if you haven't tried this place out you need to! Highly recommend the sweet potato smash fries... If you don't have a smashburger near you, I offer you my apologies, but if you ever come to Phoenix, call me up and I will take you there.  Promise.

8. Getting ready for spring training by watching a charity baseball game. The smell of sunscreen and beer got me very excited for the upcoming baseball season.. Oh, my sweet friend Lauren wanted to say hi. 
9. Picked up some essentials at Mac. I could get lost in that store. 
10. Ah-zig-a-zig-ah... 
11. Can you find my boyfriend? Can you find his "breathing hole"? 

Hope you had a good weekend!!! 


Victoria said...

Ive never been to smashburger, def going there is one right down the street!! And your bf sleeping... hilarious! I totally do that all the time haha. Cute pics as always Courtney!

Courtney Johnson said...

You must go and report back :)
Thanks as always for the love!


Cajun Cowgirl said...

Your nails look great and so clever for the big game!

Savanah said...

Oh we LOVE smashburger!!!!! :-P
ove your nails too!!

Ashlee Miller said...

Cute nails! Can't go wrong with a little Spice Girls to "Spice Up Your Life" haha sorry had to.

Courtney Johnson said...

Thanks! I have the best nail lady in Phoenix... She always comes up with creative ways for me to rep my boys in blue :)

Courtney Johnson said...

Why thank you very much! I think they sprinkle crack on the burgers because I have been craving it since we left. :)

Courtney Johnson said...

viva forever is also amazing :)

Tea said...

I LOVE the nails! I'm not good at keeping up with mine, real or fake! I'm more of a pedicure type of girl! Love the gorgeous sunsets!

Katie said...

Love the nails!! Someday will you please take me to a smash burger? None here in Wisconsin...sad face. Looks yummy I will be rooting for the giants on Sunday!

Katie said...

Ps, tell me what you want what you really really want!

Courtney Johnson said...

Yes!! I will even buy :)