Thursday, January 26, 2012

esta bien.

It's Thursday... and it's esta bien.

 Its Ok Thursdays

...that I have just about every hair color there is out their throughout my life… But I keep going back to blonds and reds- They fit my personality best. love doing laundry…but hate folding.

...that I could sit and watch people trip & fall all day long… Nothing is funnier to me. fear being thought of as boring.

...that referee’s and bartenders typically don’t like me. I understand the referee thing but I will never understand the bartender thing- but it’s ok. laugh until your face hurts or you can’t breathe. get super excited when you hear your favorite song on the radio. Turn it up way too loud and sing at the top of your lungs. get super excited when you get an email that says you have a new comment… Or see you have a new follower. over use the words: awesome, clearly, dude, like, and seriously 80’s rock… Seriously, the bigger the hair the better the band.

...get in a fight with my boyfriend because he said “Billy Joel and Bon Jovi suck.” Um, hi how are we still together. want to learn all the word’s to “We didn’t start the fire,” by Sir Billy Joel. I hope to one day kill it at karaoke by singing this song. have not mentioned the NFC Champion New York Giants in the last two posts.


Victoria said...

I friggin LOVE Bon Jovi.... OH my goodness. Im totally with you on the comment and new follower thing to. Makes my day, it's the little things in life right?

<3 you chicka

PS I reallllyyyy wanna know what you wanted to say about Romo, pretty pwease?

Katie said...

Newest follower! Love the song we didn't start the fire!!

Ashley said...

Girl, I seriously am one of THOSE people you would love to laugh at when they fall. Seriously, check out my post for today in which I actually mentioned falling! We can't all be graceful and I can't be even KINDA graceful! Sorry bartenders don't like you! Maybe that's a reason not to tip, because they don't like you already! :)

Go giants!

Have a great weekend!

Casey said...

I also love Bon Jovi. A few years ago I got a shirt from target that has all the words to livin on a prayer printed on it.
AND I also get super excited about comments/new followers :)

Courtney Johnson said...

I won you over with my excellent taste in music huh? Lol... Totally following back! You had me at BSB.

Courtney Johnson said...

How can you not love Bon Jovi? My boyfriend clearly has no musical taste.

Haha... Well being that we are friends I would keep it pg. But I always call him Homo. So it would probably go like this "Homo is so full of himself that he made his pregnant wife go to the store to buy 30 plush dolls of himself so he can put it his shrine of his greatest accomplishments... The plush doll being his greatest accomplishment." :)

Bethany said...

I feel the same way about laundry... I wish someone could fold it all for me haha. And laughing until you can't breathe is like, the best :)

Courtney Johnson said...

HAHA... I saw that this morning... I chuckled just thinking about it... :)

Have a good weekend as well!!

Courtney Johnson said...

I got that same shirt too!!! I still rock it all the time :)