Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Super Pinteresting Poem

almost time.

You all know how excited I am to see my Giants play.
I think Sunday should be considered a national holiday.

Last week after we won
I took to pinterest and the planning begun.

Looking and searching for some great ideas
Hoping maybe I would get some cheers.

For hosting a party that is both fabulous and fun
The Giants and I are sure to be number one.

Just like Thanksgiving  the Super Bowl is a time to pig out. 
So I have been committed to finding the right food without a doubt. 

With all the dips to pick and choose. 
I am sure that with any of these I can't loose.

crack dipcaramelized onion dip recipe

Ultimate Baked Cheese DipHot Pizza Dip

All of the dipping and dunking can work up a thirst. 
So I would encourage your guests to get their drinks first. 

I always go with and ice cold beer
I know girls it goes straight to the rear. 

Dips can't be the only thing to serve to your crew.
You also need substance when cheering for the big blue. 

Award Winning Burgersoven hot dogs

 Garlic & Lemon Chicken Wings

Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Chicken Wings and Steak
I sure hope my couch doesn't break. 

Some people are not interested in the game.
I personally feel that's such a shame.

The commercials and halftime show should keep you entertained. 
I will be running to the bathroom because the game will keep me chained. 

And after Madonna dances and sings 
it's time time to see what the last half brings. 

Now is the time to serve something sweet.
I am all for something creative and neat. 

Seriously... I need a Giants cake for my birthday....Blue Velvet Cupcakes!

making this!football cupcakes
                  [source] [source]

So if your still deciding what team to root for come Sunday
Maybe these next two pictures will push you the right way. 

if he doesnt make you want to cheer for the Giants well you must be a patriots fan.
    [source] [source]   

If dogs and babies are not your cup of tea.
Perhaps you would like to see some Giants players tee-shirt free. 
Devin Thomas
                       [source] [source] [source]

I hope you have enjoyed all the things i have pinned this week 
I sure hope the Giants stay on this winning streak.

And now you see
What has been very pinteresting to me



Katie said...

If you're making any of this I'm coming over! Lol...yeah I dio live in WI...I'm taken a flight ;)

virginia said...

I want the popcorn! I am so making that...


Bethany said...

I'm not even a giants fan and I loved this! What a fun way to share Pinterest amazingness :)

Ashley said...

I can't wait to hear all about this fabulous party you have planned! It looks like its sure to be a good one!

Go Giants for sure!

Courtney Johnson said...

If you come out here not only would I treat you to some smashburger but I would make everything I posted! :)

Courtney Johnson said...

I am for sure making the popcorn!!! Also the blue cupcakes, crack dip, hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken wings! We do it right in Phoenix!!!!

As always Goooooo Giants!!! I love Eli and you too :)

Courtney Johnson said...

Thank you! I had to keep it interesting and fun! Otherwise you all would be tired of me talking about the Giants! There's more to me I promise!

Courtney Johnson said...

I made sure to have assigned a designated picture taker so nothing will be missed!

Glad to have you as a Giants fan even if its for just a day :)

Victoria said...

Loved the rhyming you are too silly girl, I dont have a preference so I guess I'll cheer for the Giants right along with ya!

Courtney Johnson said...

Why thank you... You should hear my rap skillz. they are mad.