Friday, January 20, 2012

Fun Photo Friday's [part deux]

What day is today? Today is Friday! (I am singing this but you wouldn't know that. But if you choose to re-read that first sentence now imagine that I am singing it)

Friday's have always been my favorite day... When I was young Friday's = pizza (at home and at school).
When I was a teen Friday's=Parties.  As an adult Friday's=Weekend and two whole days off of work!!!  Now as a Blogger Friday's= Fun Photo Friday's with my sweet blogging buddy Shannon and So Fetch Friday's!!!

This link up has totally put a smile on my face because I love looking through old pictures! Imagine being magically whisked away to a memory that you cherish?! Nothing better...

I am kinda a rule breaker... And I don't just post one picture... Rules are meant to be broken. :)

Memory #1 
Doing the Super Bowl Shuffle outside of Cardinal's stadium where the Giants were playing in the Super Bowl. This is my other bestie Lizzie, do you see a pattern with all of my best friends?  Liz and I stood there dancing for about 20 minutes... So very excited.

Memory #2 

This was the best Christmas present ever! First, obviously it's Tiffany's... Second it's the Giant's!!!
I screamed for like 3 hours about this present.

I love looking at pictures and think you should play along!!!

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Page Twenty-Two said...

Thanks for linking up, girl! Love these pics:) And after I read that you were singing "what day is today?" I did laugh thinking about it! HAHA and FYI Friday STILL = pizza for this girl:) YUM!

Courtney Johnson said...

You are so welcome!!! I really love this link up.... :)
Glad I could make you laugh, I was really singing as I was typing. I honestly am the biggest dork ever.