Friday, January 20, 2012

So Fetch Friday. vol.#3

Here we are.. Your weekend is about to start or it already has... So I have sat here for the last hour trying to think of something different to post for So Fetch Friday...

But truth be told the only thing that has been on my mind this week/or caught my attention this week is BLUE and Football!!! and not just any blue... BIG BLUE!!!

So sit back, kick them footsies up and peep what has been so fetch this week...

Go @Giants · shannon snow  · Big Blue Friday Fan Photo Gallery

#ff to my boys in blue.. @giants #allin · Heather H  · Big Blue Friday Fan Photo Gallery

New York Giants, NFL

New York Giants Fans Drink Here Sign - Wooden, Hand Painted and Lettered Sign

New York Giants Glitter headband

My front door. I made the boy a Cardinal's one... Have to also represent his team. :) 

My Mom knitted this for me... She is absolutely amazing. 

HAPPY BIG BLUE FRIDAY!!! Not trowing up westside... Throwing up WIN!!! 


Victoria said...

I actually like the Giants, even though I'm from Texas, (our teams are notorious chokers, sorry Cowboys' fans it must be said)

Hope your team wins!
Awesome post, chicka :)


virginia said...

The beanie is totes adorbes. I want.

Courtney Johnson said...

Why thank you!!! I am trying so hard to get my mom to set up an etsy shop cause she love knitting and makes amazing things... But she's dragging them feet. :)

Maybe you'll get one... Hmmmm.

Courtney Johnson said...

You never have to apologize to cowboys fans here! :)

Truths V, I am so nervous for this game... I hope we win too!!!

Page Twenty-Two said...

Congrats on the Giants win....We'll see you in the super bowl!!!!! :) I nominated you for an award today...head on over to my blog to check it out!

Courtney Johnson said...

First... A blog award!? Oh my!!! you're way to awesome!!!

What a great day for the both of us!!! I don't know about you but I can't stop smiling!!!! :) those were some good football games yesterday and the best teams won!!!! Woo hoo!