Monday, August 6, 2012

long time no talk.

My last post, let's face it, wasn't my nicest... Stress and whatnot does crazy things to people.
But I am in recovery now. Things are starting to look up now...As I knew it would...

Sometimes you have to bitch, piss and moan to your girlfriends. ya know...

Here's what my last two weeks have looked like.

Soccer boy
has to wear his uniform everywhere. 
Onesie perfect for baby E... 
Purple skies.

Baby E and Gage. 
RaceCar driver #1
RaceCar driver #2
Back to school shopping score.

Obsessed with this song... Jason Mraz concert October 2nd... So there.
He is going to kill me for posting this. He told me not to. I don't listen.
Trip up north was just what we needed. 
This song. 


Tori Baldridge said...

Those kids are adorable!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

sweet photos girlie :)

Angie said...

It's okay to not always be nice. Lets face it, life isn't always nice. That is why we have blogs, to document how we "really" feel. Sometimes venting is the biggest stress reliever ever. Glad to hear things are looking up for you now girlie :)

Love the photos. I took and posted a purple sky pic tonight. Just beautiful :)

Katie @ Lady Million said...

These pictures are too cute :)

But I wanted to stop by and tell you how much I appreciate all your comments on my blog. They really do make my day. I didn't know I wasn't following you until now, so I fixed that little problem ;) Thank you again, lady! Have a great Tuesday.

Lady Million

Domestic Sweetheart said...

I heart your blog! I thought you would be interested in 2 blogs I'm hosting @ for Edward & Sons & VineyardFresh!

P.S. I'm a new follow on GFC!

JJ said...

good you're alive and back. whew. I was getting worried about you.

I hope things are going okay and school stops getting in the way REAL soon. I love all the photos.

Dexter says "hayyyy" to his buddy Cruz.

Nicholl Vincent said...

love all the pics!

Hope you’re having a great Wednesday! Drop by and say hello!

Jasmyne said...

Glad you are back, hopefully things start to settle a little more for ya!

I just nominated you for the Blogger Liebster award, head on over and check it out! :)