Wednesday, August 15, 2012

have a laugh.

It's Wednesday.
I am in my last week of class.
I can totally use a laugh....
How about you????

damn right

Disney Movies

This is something i would do..

hahahaha mean girls
*I know the Olympics are over now... But I just couldn't resist a good Mean Girls reference.  

yup. I take my Olympics very seriously.

College students understand - So do parents, ppl with disabilities... yeah, I totally get this! - BigMama

Ahhh! Hilarious! yep!

Funniest Thing Ever!


This is what you look like right now

And if that doesn't do it for you head over to Graceless lady and check out what I looked like in my "Thug Life" stage... Guaranteed to make you laugh.
Extra Credit if you can name the lipstick I was wearing. 


The Management said...

thank you for these! very much appreciated! especially the ariel one :)

Kristin said...

the michael phelps/ryan lochte one with referencing mean girls is my fav! when i came across that a few days ago, i laughed so hard!

Allison Barrett said...

Oh snap! I about pee'd my pants. Totally needed a good laugh today. I loved the Michael Phelps one and the bug taped in a tubberware is a trip. I have so much shit to do tomorrow that I might just take a nap


Page Twenty-Two said...

Ohhh man these all made me LOL - loved this and needed this today!:)

JJ said...

bahahhahaha. so funny! Good luck with the last week of classes.

shay said...

omg, that last pic is EXACTLY what i looked like reading this!

thanks for the giggles!

Annmarie Pipa said...


Mallory said...

These are too funny. The Mean Girls/Olympics one literally had me LOL-ing. I lurve me some mean girls;)

Cute blog!