Monday, July 23, 2012

Still Standing.

School is straight up kicking my ass!

That's right... I'm still standing.

School will continue to kick my ass for the next year... So I have to figure out ways to balance everything... Sounds easy right????

This weekend was spent cleaning, organizing and doing laundry. It was one of those busy and productive weekends.. I kinda like those. They make me feel accomplished and ready to take on the new week ahead. 
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Here are some pictures from the past week.

 Scentsy table//Cruz watching Cruz//Starbucks helps me survive//Supervising the boy.

old school essay writing//dark stormy clouds//Goodwill score// Dinner of Champions

I have the infection//cutest puppy ever// 2 am//Scentsy delivery 

 Child labor//Scary Cruz// Smelly Smells// The end.

If your Monday is dragging here's something that should/ could cheer you up. 
TRAINING CAMP STARTS THIS WEEK!!!! I can't wait for Football season to get here already!!! We have a Championship to defend!!! 


Taylor said...

i love the 'starbucks helping me survive' caption. story of my week!

Erin said...

Nice photo clusters! Starbucks is what gets me through the day after lunch..

Kimberlee said...


haha got me grooving to Elton John now ;)

Kimberly said...

I'm super psyched about football too. :)