Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Desserts spelled backwards is....


I never wanted to complain about my life. Truth is I can't avoid it. I'm like a ticking time bomb. All because of stress.

School is overwhelming me. My computer just stopped working today so I can't do any homework. I'm so broke its not funny.

The battery in my truck died and it needs new tires.

Colby's truck has been overheating so I drive to work with no air.

There was a mix up with my financial aid and I don't know when I can get my money.

And Colby's grandmother is on life support.

What I do know is it can only get better . I've been trying to embrace every day with a smile on my face. What I need from my friends is thoughts and prayers for me, Grandma Mary, and my family. Maybe a few encouraging words will also help......

Much love to all of you,


Jodi said...

Hang in there. Stress is never fun!

brynn said...

i feel ya, girl. when it rains it pours, right?

hope your days get brighter!

Ashlee :) said...

Thinking of you girlie :)

Jasmyne said...

I was wondering where you were! Hope things smooth over very quickly! Take a breather if you can! Take it easy!

Ashley Allan said...

Thats a lot of shit hitting the fan! It's always darkest before the dawn. Try not to let the stress overwhelm you and if you need it, turn stressed around and have some dessert!


Katie said...

I hope things get better! Sometimes having a glass of wine or a beer might take the edge off ;)

Amy W. said...

maybe we should go out and have a few drinks???

u game?

JJ said...

keep your head up girlie!

take some deep breaths. put in a silly movie and curl up with that puppy of yours.

Praying for Grandma Mary.