Friday, May 11, 2012

Dear Mama.

First I would like to thank each and everyone of you for taking time out of your day yesterday to comment on my post... I spent most of the time reading the comments with tears in my eyes because I'm so upset that I'm even in this situation... But my boyfriend and I are going to sit down tonight and talk about everything.. We decided that we are not going to fight and say mean things but learn to understand our feelings about this situation because we are a team...My favorite team...Sorry Giants

With so much drama in the PHX it's kinda hard being Court-D-O-Double G...
But I, somehow some way
Will keep comin' up with funky ass shit like every single day.

You like that interlude? 

So let's get to it... Sunday is Mother's Day... We all know this... Well at least I hope you do... If not you have 2 days left to get your Mother something nice... You can thank me later. 

So I would like to introduce you to a person I consider to be the best Mother ever... 
The one who still hasn't answered the question about who my Dad is... (Jokes... Check this post out and you'll understand) 

Ladies.... Meet my Mother... 

Doesn't she look fabulous? 
She will probably kill me if she knew I put this picture on my blog... But she has been threatening to kill me my whole life and I am still here.... So your move Lori! 

In all seriousness... She is such an amazing mother and I feel blessed everyday that she is mine... Well not all mine I have to share her with my sister. 

My Mom has never wanted us to get her presents or flowers on Mother's day... She considers that wasting our money... But I always feel that I need to do something for her to let her know how much I love her... 
I have drawn her a picture.
Bought her depends.
Even dedicated  2pac's 'Dear Mama' to her... 

But this year I wanted to do something different... I wanted to write her a poem to tell her how much I love her...Let me know what you think... 

My Mom.
By Courtney Johnson

My mom has always been someone I could always run to. 
Even after it was something was told not to do.
That's why they had to make a special day.
because of all the hairs I have made grey.

You have always been the best mother I have ever known.
Even through those teenage years when all I did was bitch and moan.
Thank you  loving me with all the madness in you soul.
And introducing me to rock-n-roll. 

You have been much more then a mother to me. 
Like a crocodile hunter, zombie even a Christmas tree (her halloween costumes)
We held hands and cheered our Giants won the Championship
And laugh every time the Cowboys get there ass whipped!

We all know that Bruce is the only boss you listen too. 
If you ever got to meet him I don't want to know the things you would do. 
Maybe you will knit him a nice guitar strap.
Or maybe have me write him a rap. 

Whatever you chose to do today is your day
for giving birth to me and Lacey Jaye.
Your the best mother any girl could hope for
And I hope this poem wasn't a total bore.  



Amanda said...

Oh my gosh! I literally LOLed at that photo of your mom. :) Love the poem, too.

Natalie said...

LMAO! Great pic of your mom!!

Monica said...

OMG this is the best ever! It would take me ages to come up with a cool poem!

Melissa said...

That picture of your mom is hysterical! And what a sweet poem. Great idea!