Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Such is my life.

Since I have so many new friends (hi!!!!!!!!!!!) 
I thought it would be a good idea to do another 'get to know me' post...

Well it's more like random thoughts that are inside my head that I have jotted down on a post-it notes... 

Does anyone else do that? I had a whole notebook filled with quotes, doodles, and random thoughts... I call it "my brain."

So without further adieu here are some random thoughts to get to know me!!!

* Did you know that a normal size engagement ring from Tiffany's is about $18,000? I didn't. I always dreamed of having an engagement ring from Tiffany's.  Now that I heard this I think that this is the most disgusting piece of information that I've learned in a long time.. And I no longer yearn for it.

*The other day when I was at AJ's fine foods store they have a tea that is called  "woman's balancing tea"… I was offended when I saw this…

* I've had The Black Eyed Peas song "Don't Phunk With My Heart" in my head since Sunday. Why? I don't know... I can't answer that question either.

*I love to travel, mostly because I love to experience newness, to see things and touch things and taste things for the first time. However I do not travel enough. With that being said, I love thinking about travel. Talking about it, planning it, researching it. I love to be on the move and if I can't be on the move, I love at least knowing when my next trip will be.

*According to my boyfriend I do an awesome job at singing Pearl Jam songs... Even though I don't know most of the words to almost all of their songs.

*I am virtually incapable of living in the present moment because my mind is always someplace else (or ten thousand other places).

*I do miss New York. Most notably, I miss the tingling sense of possibility that lives in the air. New York City makes me feel like anything, incredible or horrific, could happen at any moment.

* love making things with my hands. 

*I love that making this list is making me realize how AMAZING my life is and how lucky i am. 

*i love splurging on myself when i know i shouldn't be. In fact the other night I though about my care less spending… As I washed my face ($17.50), plucked my eyebrows (new tweasers-$10), masked myself for 10 minutes ($19.50) and treated/moisturized ($20 combo). Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I jumped out of bed this morning eager to see the results of money well spent.

Instead I immediately realized that
1) the face stuff stained (maybe it will come out?) my pillows and
2) I REEK of sulfur..

So I guess what I'm saying is
one night's face régime: $67
belief that Sephora can solve all my problems: priceless

That's all I got for now... 


Tori Baldridge said...

Great getting to know you a little more :)

Ashlee :) said...

Just like you I always dreamed of a Tiffany ring, but the price tag is SO ridiculous I had to put it out of my mind. Craziness.

Did you used to live in NYC? If you did, I bet it was great. I have always wanted to visit there. Just not sure how a KY girl would fit in. Haha!

Victoria said...

I don't understand how you can just make my day in one post?!???

One, come to Texas, plan your next trip to Dallas, I'll take you places, and you can experience going from having tornados, hail, and rain one day, to it being 80 degrees and sunshine the next!

I agree about that drink. completely stupid.

Annnnnd hell to the no Tiffany's. Normal people can do WAAAAy better things with a ring for 4,000, and keeping the 14K left over in our pockets, thank you very much. :)