Friday, April 20, 2012

A motivational post.

Feeling under the weather today... 
So I decided to let Mitch Hedberg's spirit take over my blog and provide us with motivation to finish this week out right. 
He has to be one of my favorite comedians.
And they say laughter is the best medicine. 
Happy Friday Cupcakes! 


Micah said...

I love Mitch Hedberg. His delivery was fantastic. Unmatched. RIP.

Barrett Family said...

Hey girl! So glad you stopped by the Finally Friday Blog hop today. Totally dig your cute blog! Looking forward to following your posts.


Casey said...

That diversity one is too funny. I draw the line at green people. If you are green you are about to throw up, and I'd really like to keep my shoes vomit free.

Anonymous said...

I sort of hate how funny these are. I'm feeling particularly shallow. Which can be good for me.
ps just blog hopping.