Monday, March 12, 2012

Sometimes you need to unplug.

Firsts things first...
It really is nice to know that I have all you cupcakes in my corner!!! I really am excited about taking this leap... I have been busy writing down plans, goals and dreams... Nothing better then dreaming about what you want the end result to be. 

After 2 years of headaches, slow running and an increasing bill the Mr. lost it with our Internet provider and cancelled our Internet. He did this abruptly, without consulting me or having a back-up plan. 
So since Thursday I have been without the Internet. 
And then on Friday my phone just stopped working. 
I took it in to Sprint and in order to fix it they needed to keep it over night. 
I was fine with this until it was time to leave it at the store.
I felt like a parent dropping their child off to daycare for the first time. 
I may have shed a tear. 

When I was driving home I realized what the hell am I going to do with no phone and no Internet! 
I started to panic, then reached for my phone to call a friend for support.
I probably dug around my purse for 5 solid minutes before remembering that I did just drop it off at the store. 

And then it hit me... I am so dependent on technology now would be a good time to unplug... 
So I did. 
I listened to the new Bruce Springsteen album.
And fell in love. 

Bought some new Betsey Johnson glasses 

Lived dangerously... 
Clearly I am avoiding paying $3.89 for gas. 
I had to give in. 

Went on a date night with three handsome boys! 
Have you seen The Lorax? Totally a must see!!! 
Seriously look at K's face? 
Kinda creepy. 
He asked me if he looked good. 
I told him the truth. 
"never make that face again" 
I feel that is good parenting right there. 

Saw this at Starbucks. 
Though it was amazing. 

Bought some fresh flowers.

I think this is a fire.
I don't know since I didn't have a phone to check facebook.
Or the Internet. 

The Mr. bought me chocolates.
My favorite. 
First one I opened this was the message I got. 
I think it's a sign.

And it felt good to unplug.
I need to do that every so often. 


Page Twenty-Two said...

Love this post! I HAD to unplug back in October when we lost power for 5 days - it was a good way! Makes you realize how reliant on technology we are! Love the face that little guy is making - haha CLASSIC:)

Ashley said...

I am so dependent too! I think we all are and its kinda sad! I love those glasses girlie!

Courtney Johnson said...

It really did feel good... Allowed me to focus on the things around me.

That also his "I am up to no good face."

Courtney Johnson said...

It really did feel good... Allowed me to focus on the things around me.

That also his "I am up to no good face."

Courtney Johnson said...

It really is sad... The fact that I had no idea what to so with my hands when my phone wasn't with me was really sad.

Those glasses are so cool! And the fact that I got them for $14 was even better! Gotta love Ross.

Bethany said...

No phone and no internet? That is living on the edge these days :) Glad you had fun without it... love your new sunglasses!

Savanah said...

LOVE your sunglasses!!!! and I do the same thing with my gas!

Katie said...

That is a good idea. I should 'unplug' once from my phone and ipad. It would be tough (I will admit I'm addicted to my technology) Btw, what kind of car do you have? I'm just curious from the picture ;)

Courtney Johnson said...

It was like 1999 all over again... SCARY!!
But I survived.
I have lived to tell the story.

Courtney Johnson said...

I put that picture on Facebook and I was reprimanded...
Apparently you should not let your gas get that low... FYI.

Thanks for the glasses love!

Courtney Johnson said...

It was tough... I survived- barley...
I have a Ford Escape and I love it!!! :)