Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Birthday Love and Pinteresting.

With my birthday just around the corner I figured maybe some of you were interested in what's on my wish list because you want to buy me lots of presents. 
Well let's dream together shall we?
How did I not know this Camera came in Pink?  As if I didn't want it bad enough in the first place...

I am loving this camera and the fact that it is pink. 

The new iPadMy favorite iphone case
                         {source}                                                                              {source}

I am and have been loving apple products like the iPad and the iPhone. If I got an iPhone I would take very good care of it, feed it and love it... And of course I would dress it up in Kate Spade. 

i NEED a large mirror like this. I really do.
I am loving this mirror... I can do so much dancing in front of this. 

Anthropology bedding $68.00–$368.00
I love this bedding. Can someone please buy this and make me a very happy girl... 

It's no secret in my house that I would leave the Mr. for Justin Timberlake. But please for my birthday Justin can you quit acting and MAKE MORE MUSIC? 

kitchenaid mixer in raspberry ice...GORGEOUS! AND it helps fight breast cancer!
I am loving cooking and baking. I think that this would be the perfect addition to my kitchen. 

NFL New York Giants Steppin' Out Stiletto Shoe Ornament Collection  by Bradford Exchange
OH MY WORD. I love every single thing about these ornaments. I need.

South Beach Miami, Florida. Absolutely beautiful!
I need a vacation. I want a vacation. I love vacations. 

the cutest briefcase ever.  i want a job, just so i can have this.  red valentino
I am loving this briefcase. I want to quit my job and get a new one that would require me to have this. Forget about the price tag. 

this necklace is so fun!
Oh Betsey Johnson. Oh how I love everything you make. Like this necklace that I need in my life.

Sweet little puppy!
I want a puppy. Preferably a bulldog. Like this one but fatter. I want a fat little puppy. Is that wrong? Can you be wrong on your birthday? 

Tiffany blue nail polish. I must have
I love Tiffany Blue. I am loving this nail polish. 

Lastly, CAKE!!!!
On your birthday you can have all the cake you want!!!! 

rice krispies cake! lcbow i hope it doesn t rain

rainbow cake! i have made this too! always a crowd pleaser : )

love this cake!

Red velvet cake

I need this for my birthday.


Bethany said...

I have been asking my mom for a pink Kitchenaid since I graduated from college... obsessed! And you are so right - Betsy Johnson can do no wrong. Love that necklace :)

Casey said...

Can I dance in front of that mirror with you to new Justin Timberlake music while eating cake and playing with our perfectly taken care of iPhones wearing that stunning necklace and holding that briefcase? Is that weird that i just invited myself to play with your imaginary birthday presents?

Melanie said...

I think you should have every single thing on this list....heck, why not 2; that way you can give me your duplicates!

Angie said...

Yay for Birthdays!
I love your list and Kate Spade, Betsey Johnson and Justin Timberlake equally!
It actually kind of annoys me that we don't live close.

Amanda Nicole said...

I think I love everything about this post!! That mirror is awesome! I would probably spend way too much time in front of it. And I think I've very possibly getting an iphone... I've never been a huge apple fan though, so hopefully I'm not let down!

Beth Ann said...

Nice list! Good taste. I had a pink cheap-o camera once upon a time. Not nearly as cool as that nikon. I love that bedding, too!

kayla said...

Oh my gawsh. That bulldog puppy is adorable. I've always wanted a bulldog, and I would name something British, or like an old man name like... Frank. Haha. :)

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Love this fun list of your birthday "wants" :) That bedding is stunning...and that little puppy ohhhh I think you may need him!

Kristin said...

omg i TOTALLY agree about justin timberlake and how he needs to make more music!! i want him to do so so badly!

Alicia Seeley said...

I am loving all the pink cuteness!! The camera, mixer yummy cake!! Hope you hubby gets the **Hint** for your birthday!!! Newest follower!!!

Alicia Seeley said...

I am loving all the pink cuteness!! The camera, mixer yummy cake!! Hope you hubby gets the **Hint** for your birthday!!! Newest follower!!!

Ashlee :) said...

You can NOT be wrong on your birthday so you are SO right about all of this! You deserve it all ;)
That camera is a beaut, along with that Tiffany blue nail polish. Hope you get at least one or all of this!

cupcaque said...

I love EVERYTHING about this post! Especially all the NY Giants love<3 Found your blog via blog love therapy blog hop!

XO katie

cupcaque blog

Stacie said...

Ummm i really want everything you've listed here too haha.

Although it's no where near my birthday :(

The kitchen aid is amazing.

Found you through Blog Love Therapy Blog Hop, be sure to stop by my blog and say hi!

Shalika-Creative SOUL said...

Hey girl Im so happy you stopped by my Blog. Im loving the last few post. Esp your Bday list. I am also inviting myself to your party. Casey said it best. Happy Birthday Beautiful. You are too cute not to follow.
Always, SOULBeautiful xx*s

Lyzz said...

#1, totally agree with JT needing to make music.

Damn you Jessica Biel for snagging his ass, TWICE!

I want to be an apple product owner, DESPERATELY.

That puppy is TO DIE FOR!

and that nail polish, swoon!