Friday, February 24, 2012

So Fetch Friday. vol # 7.

It's Friday!!! We made it!!! 
It's one of my favorite day's (Sunday is my absolute favorite.)...
Friday equals love because I get to hang out in the 'man cave' (or garage) and have a couple drinks, stay up late and snuggle in bed with the Mr. and watch crappy Friday night T.V. 

But before all that happens...Let's see what's so fetch in my world this week...

Obsessed with this song....OBSESSED!!! I have to represent the lead singer Nate!! He use to be in my favorite local band The Format... Love to see locals doing big things!!!

This song by The Format brings back sooooo many memories... I was probably at this show scream singing in the background.

Charlie Chaplin
I believe this with all of my heart. 

New Hair!!! 

I can't do my hair. Seriously it looked amazing on Wednesday night when I got it cut. I bought the same product and even a new brush... And my hair has looked like shit since. My poor bangs got clipped back today because they were causing me so much problems. HELP! 

World Go Around Ring
It's only $12.00!!! 

Painted and distressed wood sign - Rustic, Home Decor, Wall Art, Kitchen Art

Wreck This Journal
This looks like so much fun... I know I am tardy to the party with this but I want to try it out. 

I need a new purse. I hate all of mine.


I would love to go back to this picture. We were young and didn't have a care in the world... We worked hard and played harder...
 Yesterday we laid her father to rest... She handled it with such grace and strength and told me it was because I was right beside her. Like I have been since we were 13. 

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Page Twenty-Two said...

Sounds like u are a great friend to her!! It's so awesome to stay friends with people from your childhood- warms my heart:) happy Friday girl!!

Ashley said...

Love all the pics and the new hair is super cute! Hope tomorrow is perfect and lazy! :)

Bethany said...

I saw Fun in concert and they are amazing!!! I am kinda obsessed :) And your hair looks cute!!!

Trish said...

I can't do my hair either. Once every 8 weeks it looks awesome. Right after the stylist has worked her magic. Don't even get me started on all these tutorials that are supposed to be easy and help you make your hair look amazing. I fail at every single one of them. It's okay, I like ponytails ;-)

Courtney Johnson said...

She was my first friend when I moved to Arizona... The one person who never made fun of me for the way I say "quarter" or "water." That's love.

Courtney Johnson said...



Courtney Johnson said...

AHHHH!!! I love them now!!! All weekend I had them on repeat... :)
Thanks for the love!!!


Courtney Johnson said...

Seriously. I gave up trying this weekend to make it look like it did after she did it...

Oh tutorials are a joke... Did you try the barrel curl with the flat iron? Looked so easy and yet I failed miserably and burnt my neck.

So I just now let it do what ever it wants to do...