Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh hair pinteresting...

I want to share a secret with you...

I do.

But more importantly, I love 80's hair. 

My love for 80's hair began in the 80's (no doy)...
I had this babysitter, who in my opinion, was the coolest person in the world. She had the most jelly bracelets, always wore skintight Chic or Jordache jeans with a hair pick in the back pocket, had all the cool records, always let my sister and I watch MTV and had the monstrous hair that made all the girls jealous. 

Pretty sure I wore a banana clip everyday!Pretty sure I wore a banana clip everyday!Pretty sure I wore a banana clip everyday!
I so wanted to rock bangs that reached for the heavens, get a perm and rock a side ponytail...  But my Mom said "it's not for little girls" and promised me when I turned 13 I could do what I wanted with my hair... I turned 13 in 1994 sadly big hair and I were never meant to be.

Toddlers and tiaras circa 1980's

big hair=aquanetbig hair=aquanetbig hair=aquanet

With 80's fashion making a comeback, I have stock piled some aqua net in hopes that one day I can rock some amazing looks such as: 

big 80's hair!  ok so ours wasn't this "big"!  LOL


hair. lots of hair.



Not to be out done the guys also had some totally tubular hair as well... I can only dream that my boyfriend would have amazing hair such as: 


Mullet Dude

We would go to the prom and look like this...

 80's prom

80's prom

I would hope our family pictures would be this amazing. 


Denim! Mullets! Lasers!

And ladies.... 
I don't know what's worse, the sweater, the beard or the mullet...

That's what has been Oh 'hair' pinteresting this week..,.


Bethany said...

Oh my heavens I am dyyyyying over this post! The hair!!! The prom pics are my fave :)

Katie said...

Hands down best pinterest post ever! I'm laughing so hard!! To funny, the guy with the cat is the best...hello hair! Xoxo

Casey said...

Oh my word! I can't pick my favorite... the guy with the cat or the "hairy" family!

Courtney Johnson said...

Glad I could make you laugh doll face!!!
I was dying at my desk today making this... Swear to god my boss thought I was drunk today ;)


Courtney Johnson said...

That was seriously my inspiration picture... I got that in an email today and I about fell over... It may or may not be my screen saver on my desktop right now.

Courtney Johnson said...

I died when I saw the pictures of the little girl... And the guy with the cat is amazing.

I'm Ashlee :) said...

This has got me ROLLIN'!!! Hilarious! -- Thanks for following my blog. I'm following you right back ;)