Thursday, January 19, 2012


I got grounded last night. And it wasnt my fault. 

Yesterday when I got home from work I did a belly flop on my couch and declared “Tonight I am going to bed early!!! I am so exhausted!!! All day I struggled to keep my eyes open…” I even told my boyfriend to figure out dinner because I was “to tired to think about dinner.”

So we ate left over chips & dip… Which I was “way to tired to reach across the coffee table to dip most of my chips.”

Needless to say I was pretty tired.

At 7pm I decided that it was a perfectly acceptable time to climb into bed… So I did and so did the boy…He started watching Cajun Pawn Stars. I became instantly bored. I whined for him to change the channel but he didn’t budge.  “Go to sleep. You have been complaining since you got home about how tired you are.”

He had a good point. Should have listened…

Instead I grabbed my computer and got on Pinterest. (I could end right here because I am sure you all can figure out what happened to me)

I started looking at cool sewing ideas, decorating ideas, Valientine’s ideas, DIY’s, ECT., ECT., ECT.,

The boy fell asleep at about 9. “One more hour” I said to myself.

He woke up at 11 and said “Courtney I thought you said you were going to bed early. Put the computer away and go to bed. I don’t want to listen to you bitch all day tomorrow.”

He once again had a good point. Again I should have listened…

“I am just going to look at one more thing,” I said… I knew I was lying but I was getting so inspired! My brain was coming up with ideas… Good ideas! Ideas that made me wish there was such a thing as a 24 hour craft store... I started writing things down.. Making lists of stuff to be on the hunt for at thrift stores... My eyes started to burn (I chalked it up to maybe not blinking), and then I saw the clock. 2:23 AM.

Quietly, I closed my computer, put it on the floor, turned off the light and snuggled down in bed let out a relaxing sigh. "I better not hear you bitch tomorrow about being so tired. I told you," my boyfriend informed me.

The next morning my alarm went off, exhausted I hit snooze not once but four more times before I jumped out of bed... I was 20 minutes late to work...

So when I called my boyfriend (like I do all the time) at lunch and he asked me how my was going. "Oh babe I am so tired," I replied.

And then this happened. "I told you this would happen. You chose not to listen to me and because of that your grounded. Your not allowed to be on the computer after 9pm. And it's no computers in bed anymore. I am also moving your phone and iPod chargers to the kitchen so your not tempted. Your are grounded for the next two weeks."

Moral of this post... This is all Pinterest's fault not mine!


Page Twenty-Two said...

HAHAHA this made me LOL - its SO true. I do the same thing. I keep my iPad on my night stand and am constantly "pinning" in bed!! Get some sleep tonight:)

Courtney Johnson said...

At least I made you laugh!! That's about all I am good for today...Hot mess over here! Here's to 6 o'clock bedtime!!!!


virginia said...

HA!! Poor thing.

Girls rule. Boys drool. The end.

Courtney Johnson said...

Haha! Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider.... It's a fact.

Courtney Johnson said...

Haha! Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider.... It's a fact.