Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I've been doing a lot of thinking since my last post... I feel bad for sounding selfish. Fact is that a lot of people don't get to spend the holiday's with their family. Its times like this where I needed to step back and realize that I could have no place to go during the holiday's or no family.

I realized that too often during the year we get so busy... Busy with the day-to-day that often my family gets set aside. So with that being said, time management will be the key to the holiday's. And last night the Mr. and I sat  down and discussed our 'game-plan' for the holiday's. It made me feel so much better...

Aside from all this my weekend was not the best weekend ever. Giants lost, stupid Jiffy Lube spilled oil all over my engine which caused my truck to smoke and completely freaked me out, the Mr.'s truck broke down, and last but not least I dropped my phone and the screen cracked... URGH!
LOOK AT MY BABY...*tears*

Why does stuff always break right around Christmas?

Last night I was determined to turn my bad luck so I started some Christmas Shopping.. I found something amazing for my Mom. Can't wait to post a picture of it.
I also started to work on my handmade Christmas presents

Finally, I would like to end this post with a survey that I found on Eat, Drink Be a Tourist.


Current guilty pleasure: Starbucks coffee. this is Always & Forever my guilty pleasure
Current nail color: French Manicure with Zebra print
Current playlist: Ray Lamontagne & Damien Rice- To love somebody (it's magical)
Current read: On Death & Dying- so beautiful
Current drink: Diet Dr. Pepper
Current food: had a ham & cheese for lunch, it think that counts?
Current favorite show: 30 Rock. Thank you netflix...
Current wish list: A fixed phone & a sewing machine
Current needs: Cute Thanksgiving outfit.
Current triumphs: did my first couponing shopping trip. it wasn't much but I saved 80%!
Current bane of my existence: Facebook, but I just can't find the strength to get off it!
Current celebrity crush: Justin Timberlake, Always & Forever.
Current indulgence: computer time.
Current blessing: everything. Feeling very thankful right now.
Current outfit: work gear. button-up shirt, cardigan, pants, heels & an amazing sparkly headband!
Current excitement: Thanksgiving.
Current mood: lazy
Current link: Fab

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