Friday, November 16, 2012

My dear Friday.

Dear Friday, I'm in love with you. 
Dear Mid-week sickness, You suck! But thank you for not ruining my weekend. 
Dear Friends, Please pray for me as I make the difficult transition from Pumpkin Spice Lattes to Gingerbread Lattes. 
Dear Orange Juice, I drank you this morning after brushing my teeth. I think I know what death feels like now. Why must you do this to people?
Dear Retail Stores, This holiday season, I think you should have *at least* one line for people who have their shit together. Wallets out Ladies! 
Dear Lumineers (it felt wrong to say Dear The Lumineers, so I made a judgement call and took "the" off),
I am obsessed with "Ho Hey," I'll probably play it 1,000+ times today. 

And finally 
Dear Twilight, I have never been so happy to see that a movie series is ending. As someone who loved the books so much, I absolutely hate the movies. And  I think that Kristen and Rob are only back together to promote the movie.



Angi said...

I totally agree with you on the line at the stores! I'm so tired of being stuck behind people paying with change...people who write checks and wait until the cashier is DONE ringing stuff up before they start filling out the check...people who want a price check on EVERYTHING...I'm one of those people who would be absolutely pissed to be stuck behind an extreme couponer (even though I kind of secretly wish I was one). ;)

Casey said...

I will be doing my switch from Pumpkin to egg nog on black Friday. And your OJ letter made me snort a little. (I was also the person at the post office today who did NOT have their shit together. I've never sent boxes to Afgahnistan. There's a lot to do!)

bailey j said...

I totally agree about Kristen and Rob. Hopefully they break up asap. I hate her so much.. horrid actress and not a very good person apparently. blah! But I do enjoy the movies, not gonna lie.