Wednesday, October 31, 2012


What I am loving today. 

I'm loving that my boyfriend wanted to go get mani's/pedi's last night. Again he requested that I not put this picture on Facebook. Clearly, he forgets that I have a blog and Instagram. As far as I'm concerned, this picture is not on Facebook so I can't get in trouble.

I'm loving that all my friends and family are safe and sound after that bitch Sally had to roll through. Hey Jersey Shore Cast.. Yous made so much money off the Jersey Shore,  it's time to give back. 

I'm still loving my new blog design! Aubrey was so amazing to work with and she even did a little feature about my blog re-do. You should go check her sweet feature out by clicking here.

I'm loving this printable. Ain't it the truth! You can get yours here

I'm loving that nothing says Happy Halloween like this spoooky face and a skully scarf. 

Happy Halloween!!! Colby and I plan on passing out candy while sipping on some Bloody Mary's. Because what's more a more Halloween-ie drink then a Bloody Mary. 



Angi said...

Haha, it was HIS idea to get manis/pedis? Or he was willing to get one too?

Ain't nothin' wrong with a man who wants to have nice hands and feet. Spread the word.

Casey said...

Have the J.S. cast said they are going to do anything to help out? I hope so, but now that their money train has ran out, I doubt they will.