Tuesday, September 18, 2012

keep smiling.

The most amazing people in my life.
Mom, boyfriend, sister.
My rocks. 
Yep, Mom's rocking a YOLO shirt. 
But doesn't understand what YOLO means. 
 The most amazing boyfriend ever. 
Him and my mother were on the first flight they could get out to North Carolina. 
He was there with hugs and kisses anytime I needed them. 

My sister. 
She was my rock. 
I couldn't have done it without her by my side. 
And the most beautiful sunset after one of the most difficult days of my life. 

My mom told me I wasn't allowed to use any pictures of her and use them on facebook.
She forgets I have a blog. 

My souvenir from North Carolina. 
It's my most cherished tattoo. 
And it's his signature. 

One of my favorite songs ever is Rascal Flatts "I'm Movin' On," because of the line "you find you have strength in moments of weakness." I have never believed those words more then I do now. 
I take comfort in them.
They remind me to keep smiling.



The Management said...

never forget to keep smiling, my dear. You're doing so well- keep that pretty chin up. much love.

Aly said...

Great post! Cute pictures too:)

Ryan said...

I've been thinking about and praying for you, Courtney. I'm so very sorry about your dad and am praying for peace and comfort for you and your loved ones.

Tarabelle said...

You are pretty amazing; keep strong!


Legally ChoCo said...

be strong girlie!

Virginia said...

You're amazing. With tears in my eyes I write this. I hope you know that. Much love from the other side of the country.

Tori Baldridge said...

That's one of my favorite songs ever! LOVE your tattoo :)

Jamie said...

I love that it's his signature. I am thinking about doing my Moms.

Katie said...

You seem to have a very wonderful and supportive family!!

Julie Marie said...

love that you got your daddys signature tattooed