Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fantasy Football...

I love playing fantasy football...

Being one of two girls in the league... I take it very seriously...
I'm talking doing the research, making strategic decisions on who to select, smack talking, watching the games, ESPN NFL Countdown and ESPN NFL Primetime (the best football shows in my option).

Because there is nothing better then beating a boy... Or having your boyfriend ask you for advice (he has no shame in this and tells everyone that he asks me for help).

Now I have something to admit. Sometimes I pick players because they are so hot!!! Fantasy Football gives you the best excuse to watch these players closely...

Here's a look at who I would draft on my team anyday (of course I don't soley draft based on looks, that would make me shallow, and girls are not shallow)

1. Reggie Bush- Hands down the hottest guy in the NFL. Looking at this picture makes you wonder how/ why Kim would ever break-up with him. Seriously Kanye? Not hot... Reggie UBER HOT. Now he plays  for the Miami Dolphins and hopes to lead the leauge in rushes this season... He can rush over to my house anytime.
Pinned Image

2. Mark Sanchez- I'm not gonna let a little thing, such as, he plays for the Jets get in the way of admiring in the pure hotness of Mark Sanchez. Anyone else with me when I say that he should play topless? (he can still wear a helmet, I don't want anything to happen to his pretty face.) 

Pinned Image

3. Larry Fitzgerald- Words can't express how much I love this man. He is my favorite player in the NFL. Weird that it's not a Giants player, huh? That should show you how amazing I think he is. Not only does he make the most amazing catches, he is super cute, always well-dressed, and hands down the nicest guy you'll ever meet. This makes him a total package deal. 

 Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals

4. Clay Matthews- He whips his hair back and fourth. You can't say Clay Matthews without thinking about that long, flowing, blonde hair that I would love to run my fingers through. I also wouldn't mind being tackled by him. Nope wouldn't mind at all.... 

Clay Matthews

5. Victor Cruz- OK I held off until the #5 spot so you didn't think that I was being biased. Cruz is the salsa dancing hottie that plays for my New York Giants. He danced his way into my heart this past year and named my puppy after him...Clearly, I'm obsessed.
PS. I want to wear his ring.  

Victor Cruz!!!

6. Tom Brady- Some of you may be scratching your head asking my why I would put Tom Brady at #6 on my fantasy list. Well because it's my blog and I can do what I want... Kidding. But we all know he's one of the hottest player in the NFL. Probably never finishes 6th in any "hottest players in the NFL" pole, except here at CourtneyCakes. 
7. Aaron Rodgers- Rodgers!!! Discount Double Check!!! Aaron seems like the type of guy that would make me laugh. I like that. Plus he's super hot... I love that rugged unshaven beard look. hotness.
I want him on my fantasy team this year (the real life one) so I can enjoy him every weekend. 

Aaron Rodgers! Sexy beast.

8. Trent Edwards- Don't know much about him other then he plays for the Philadelphia Eagles. With Vick injured we could see a lot more of him... I, for one, will not complain about this... At all.

Well hello there Mr. Trent Edwards

9. Patrick Willis- When I chose Patrick Willis of the 49ers.... Well I'll just let this picture do the talking. 
Patrick Willis

10. Osi Umenyiora- It was a tough decision picking between him and Eli for my 10th and final spot. But Eli always looks like he's lost, so I went with the "quarterback killer" Osi Umenyiora. He is absolutely beautiful and I feel so blessed to have him on my team... I wouldn't want him coming after my quarterback. 

What do you think??? Did I forget anyone???? 


Jessie said...

Hi Courtney! I was wondering if you got my email... I tried chatting you earlier too but you were busy. If you didn't get it, please, please let me know! Thanks.

Casey said...

See if they played football with out the helmets, pads and jerseys I would TOTALLY watch. Like if they were wearing swim trunks. Yum.

Sammantha said...

So much drool on my keyboard right now. SO. MUCH. DROOL.