Wednesday, July 11, 2012


At first I was really upset about the whole Direct TV/ Viacom dispute. I thought am not going to survive? I was about to curl up in the corner and die when my boyfriend turned on the TV and low and behold there was actually other channels. 
Plus they're giving us some free crappy movie stations. So now I am watching Dazed and Confused unedited unlike how I watch it on Comedy Central. So there Suck it Viacom! Give us our stations back.
'Cause I can't cancel my Direct TV with the NFL season around the corner. 

Target+ Neiman Marcus+ Target + Neiman Marcus + 24 CFDA Designers = The Ultimate Christmas List 
Designers such as:
Alice + Olivia 
Band of Outsiders 
Brian Atwood 
Carolina Herrera 
Derek Lam 
Diane von Furstenberg 
Eddie Borgo 
Jason Wu 
Judith Leiber 
Lela Rose 
Marc Jacobs 
Oscar de la Renta 
Philip Crangi 
Prabal Gurung 
Proenza Schouler 
Rag & Bone 
Robert Rodriguez 
Skaist Taylor 
Thom Browne 
Tory Burch 

Read all about it here.
If your emailing your boss right now to take the day off... It's OK I completely understand. 
I now want an iPad. 
It's replaced my iPhone envy. 
Now all I could think about is how easy my life would be if I had one. 
So easy and breezy. 

Is it just me or does anyone else love 'back to school' school supplies shopping? 
I loved it! All the excitement of finding something cool to help up with your academic career! 
Correct me if i'm wrong but there is nothing better then finding the perfect pen!!!
Ya know what i'm talking about! The one's that make your handwriting so pretty...
And the paper... All the fresh paper loaded up in your binder ready for you to write notes to your friends...
Do kids still do that? or do they just text or facebook their friends?

Also waiting until I was 31 to go back to college was the biggest mistake in my life. Take it from me girls if your around the age of 25 making fairly good money finish school don't put it off. It doesn't get any easier when your older. 
Trust me I want nothing more then to be blogging and watching crappy reality tv. But instead I am curled up in bed with a book called 'How to Win Friends and Influence People," and then have to write a 5 page paper on what you think they said. 
This is where my iPad will probably make the bitching less. 

Well back to reading. 


Ashley Allan said...

Hammer it out girl! I'm going back to school too in August so we can bitch together!

Tori Baldridge said...

Go you!! School is always the way to go :)

Jasmyne said...

Kudos to going back to school! Some people just give up at a "certain" age! I may have to join you with the iPad, I know we both share the phone envy! ;)

Micah said...

Ugh. I hear ya. I was complaining about losing channels and everyone's like -- "cancel DirecTV!" It's tempting to lose that bill and watch everything online, but then what is my TV for? Plus ... baseball.

I just hope the companies get things sorted out. I'm going to miss "Awkward" tonight. :( Good thing I'm pretty sure MTV puts all their shows online the next day. Still...

Tiffany said...

Loved back to school shopping :)! We strolled through Wal-Mart and I picked up a few supplies I thought I just might need...haha my hubs just rolled his eyes.

And I'm totally annoyed by the Direct TV nonsense! What movie channels are we getting? We can't get rid of it because we watch way too many sports at our house...but still it's tempting!

Courtney B said...

Back to school shopping was definitely the best! But seriously, Court? I admire you SO much for getting school done! You are awesome!

Tristan Paige {at} Sunshine! said...

I LOVE school supplies!! I love pens and paper so I get a little happy when I see school supplies!!

Kimberly said...

I always go shopping when school supplies are in stores. You are right... Everything is so fresh and new. Love it. I'm vet jealous about the fact I do not have the direct tv NFL pkg. :(