Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Cruz.

I would like to introduce to the cutest puppy in the whole entire world. 

Being that I am a crazy and ridiculously obsessed with the World Champion New York Giants I wanted her name to have something to do with them... 

I was torn between Blu and Cruz. 

Ya'll know who Victor Cruz is right? 

He's the Salsa dancing wide receiver that danced his way into my heart last year... And being that my puppy is part Chihuahua I think Cruz is a perfect name for her! (my boyfriend is totally cool with her name because Victor Cruz totally kicked ass for him in Fantasy Football) 

After choosing her name I thought I should share this news with the man himself... So I sent him a tweet... 

I was a twitter celeb for like 2 hours... My phone was blowing up with retweets and  people telling me how cute she is (I didn't tell her because I don't want her getting a big head) and two people sent me pictures of other sweet puppies named after Giants players.... (Both of these names were also considered) 
Do you follow me???? 
Well you should and encourage me to tweet more! 

So here is the best of Cruz this weekend... It included new best friend,6:30 wake-up's to play, first bath, first dip in the pool, sunbathing, and lots of love from the boys...



JJ said...

OMG how adorable! I love all the photos.

I love that he tweeted you back. If I used Twitter I would totally follow you!

keep up the puppy pictures!

Grace said...

oh she's so cute!!!!! I want a pug for my babies but Anna would get bitten, she's so agressive lol. I'm following you on twitter....hopefully I start using it more!

Libby said...

Your puppy is so cute!!!
I'm your newest Twitter follower! :) @Libby1462

The Management said...

It feels soo good to get a sweet RT, amirite?

Cruz is pretty dang cute! Love the swimming lessons pic :)

Brooke said...

SO CUTE! And it looks like it was a pretty darn good relaxing and fun weekend too :)

Thanks for the comment! I'm your newest follower (and I'm going to email you back now too)


Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

your dog is soooo adorable omg! im in love! love your fun blog, im your 100th follower!! wahoo!

im having a fun neon accessories giveaway on my blog, def check it out!