Thursday, May 31, 2012


Obsessing over Coke zeros with raspberry at sonic... And training this terrorist AKA Cruz not to tear up flowers or her dog bed and not to bite... We had a talk last night about being a good puppy dog.

Working on school stuff such as financial aid and official transcripts... Blogging ideas... and in-service ideas for work... I have to give a presentation next week for the whole company.. Everyone likes my in-services because I make it fun and I always feed them..

Thinking about what I am going to eat for lunch... I think Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is calling my name.

Anticipating getting off work, walking in my door, turning the a/c way down (well like 76), climbing in bed, snuggling with my babies (Colby, Cruz and Kota), ordering some Italian food and watching Sopranos..

Not Anticipating going outside.

Wishing for cooler weather... 109 today and 111 tomorrow. Ew.

Listening to Landon Pigg- Falling in love at a coffee shop. Maybe this is why Coffee  Bean & Tea Leaf is calling my name.

Reminding you to enter my 100 followers give away!

Happy Thursday Cupcakes! 


Alissa said...

Italian food and Sopranos?? Sounds perfect to me!

I wish there was a Sonic near my house :(

JJ said...

I heard on the news today you guys are getting record heat. Stay cool. ha bet you haven't heard that enough.

I love the photo of Cruz. He so stinkin' cute. I hope he starts listening to his mama.

Holly said...

Yikes! I thought it was hot here - 94! I love your new blog layout!

Stacie said...

Omg Cruz is the cutest!!!!!!!!!

Katie said...

Courtney we are soul mates! I'm watching the sopranos as we speak! For some reason after watching it I feel the need to speak Italian or with a jersey accent. Your pup is cute! Stay cool down there! ;) xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love Landon piggs falling in love a coffe shop!

Kimberly said...

YEA! for the 100 followers. :)