Monday, April 9, 2012

this past week.

1. We have done a lot of backyard sitting.. The Mr., the dog and I...
2. This is a morning must. 
3. Play Ball! 
4. When I saw this shirt at Forever 21 I couldn't help but sing 'Push it'

5. Obsessed with EOS. Summer fruit has my heart. 
6. Jars at Anthropology.
7. Saved this guys life.  I now refer to him as Patrick the Suicidal starfish. I sing 'Jumper' by Three Doors Down to him every time I go in my bosses office. 
8. Peep this. 

9. Feathers and GMEN. 
10. It's getting hot out hurr! 
11. Tell me you can guess what I drew?!!!?
12. I found him on the side of the house like this I asked him what he was doing and he told me changing into his fast clothes for the egg hunt. When I told him the egg hunt started he ran away just like this to hunt for eggs. Shirt was defiantly tucked into his undies the whole time... 

Have you noticed some changes around here? 
I have been working hard on making it a little nicer for you... 

See this blank area over here ------------------> 
That's for you and all your pretty Buttons!!! 
So would you like to exchange? 
I'll give you mine and you give me yours??? 




Savanah said...

hahaha, love Draw Something!!

Casey said...

Before I read your caption I started singing "Shoop" Did you buy it??

Ashlee :) said...

I've been thinking about doing button swap too! If I decide to, we will definitely swap!
And #11, TITANIC!!! haha!!

kayla said...

I LOVE that EOS lip balm! It is the. best.

PS: I nominated you for an award! (

Anonymous said...

Hahaha love your picture of the peeps bunny peeking out.

Katie said...

I love Draw something, I think that's the Titanic sinking?! Your puppy is so cute! I wish we had those temps too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for nominating me! Hope you have an awesome weekend, chick!

Alissa said...

#9 - gmen yeahhhh

I'm so glad to have found another Giants fan. So glad!