Monday, March 19, 2012

Pride and pictures.

Hope everyone had a great St. Patrick's day...
Us cool kids stayed home. 
We were all set to go out but I didn't feel like getting ready.
Then the Mr. had nothing green to wear.
Then I didn't want to drive to Scottsdale.
Then the Mr.sat on the couch and started watching our favorite show ever. 
The Sopranos.
Then we were hungry. (doesn't that show always make you hungry?)

Not really Italian food. 
But absolutely delicious! 
It's an old family recipe that included 'pinch','dash', 'about half'  in the instructions... 
So that was fun.

Because we did not have a hangover yesterday we were able to get out of bed and wake up to this. 

That's right we got some rain... 
It actually was the weirdest weather day. 
It would get freezing (don't ask me to define that) cold, windy, dark then pour rain... 
20 minutes later it would be sunny
20 minutes later hailing.
20 minutes later sunny. 
I could go on and on. But I think you get the picture. 

We decided to go to Home Depot to fix our broken door. 
Ended up also buying paint for our bathroom. 
and spay paint for our old ugly file cabinet. 
(Before and afters tomorrow!!!) 

Then I curled up in bed and finished reading. 

I left the most exciting part for the very end (and really to see you are paying attention) 

On Friday night my amazing cousin swam in the NCAA Division I Championships. 

And she is now the NATIONAL CHAMPION in the 200 free!!! She broke the NCAA AND she broke the AMERICAN record!!! I screamed when I got the text message from her father and ran to my computer to see this!!!!!!!!!!! 


I am so proud of her I really have no words. She is my rock star and continues to amaze me... 
This picture makes me smile and brings tears of joy and happiness to my eyes. 

Of course it's not my style to say that to her.
It's not 'our' style... 
Instead she get's this text... 
"You haven't played me in Draw Something in 7 hours. Don't tell me you had another record to break OUR's is what's most important."

That's love and encouragement at it's finest.



shay said...

i just finished the first book of the hunger games too! soooo good, i'm onto the second!

and mmmmm... pierogies!

Angie said...

Love pierogies, don't know why but church ladies on the east coast make the best ones!

Also love no hangovers, sometimes miss crazy drunk nights but never miss staring down the inside of the toilet bowl.

Victoria said...

WOW Court, that is AWESOME about your cousin, congrats!!! I'd be super proud too :)

Katie said...

My husband and I really want to watch the Sopranos series but netflix doesn't have it on instant. We debate every day wether we should buy it or not. Hunger games=SO GOOD!! And congrats on your cousin! How awesome is that?!

Courtney B said...

Huge congrats to your cousin! That's amazing!
And your weekend sounds like it was awesome! Despite the crazy weather :)

Courtney Johnson said...

I am almost done with the first one.
I put a hustle on it so I can see the movie without ruining the book.

The pierogies were very much mmmmmmm!

Courtney Johnson said...

Can you believe my boyfriend had no clue what pierogies are?!?! That's funny you mentioned that because I was telling him that my grandma always made them for church functions!!!!

I have also never missed staring down the inside of a toilet bowl. Or the drunks... I do miss being wild and crazy and "owning" the bar.

Courtney Johnson said...

I know right!!!! My mom told me last night that she is up in Baltimore training with Michael Phelps!!!!

I made watching the Super Bowl fun... Can I also make the Olympics exciting too?????????

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

does soprano's make me hungry? yes. hungry for blood.

hahaha. totally joking. hunge hunger games fan. HUGE. i'm in the 2nd book and i'm not disappointed yet.

Courtney Johnson said...

Have you tried renting it from Blockbuster? Rent the first season and if you fall in love with it then i HIGHLY recommend buying it. In my opinion it is the best show ever... Funny you said that cause I looked last night on Netflix for it.

You thought I was crazy with the Giants... Can you only imagine how I will be if she makes it to the Olympics?

Courtney Johnson said...

Thank you!!!!
She is so amazing. In fact my mom called me last night and told me that she is up in Baltimore training with Michael Phelps...
It makes me so excited for this summer and where she could possibly go... ;)

Courtney Johnson said...

LOL... I am glad it only makes me hungry for food and not subliminally telling me to kill people...

I am almost done with the first!!! I am rushing to read it all before the movie comes out. :)

Can I just tell you how amazing your blog is???? Your pictures are AMAZING!!! Thanks for stopping by :)

kayla said...

We didn't go out on St. Patrick's Day either... we are like a boring old couple sometimes. ;) YES! Hunger Games! I can't wait for the movie... I read the books in like three days. Are you enjoying the first book?