Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blame it on pinterest...yeah yeah...

I live in Phoenix Arizona...
Phoenix is city that is built on top of a desert.

I am not sure if you know this about living in a desert but it gets hot... And it never rains...

While I can't really complain about the weather right now because it's absolutly perfect.
Seriously if you ever come to Arizona, March is the most perfect time of the year.
But here in Phoenix, we havent had a drop of rain since December.

But that is about to change!
We have a 50% chance of rain this weekend!!!

That's right 50% chance that rain drops will fall from the sky...

I'm a sucker for rain photography 


Walking in the rain 
So there is a 50% chance I need an umbrella...

Cute Hello Kitty umbrella 

Vintage Spring Colored Pagoda Umbrella 

 totes Clear Bubble Umbrella with Primary Dots

There is a 50% chance I can wear rain boots.

Target Women's Anchor Rain Boots in Navy $24.99 

rain boots are a must 

Embellished rain boots (tutorial) 

Giants Rain Boots... If it only rained in Phoenix... 

There is a 50% chance that my dog will also need to wear rain boots. 

cute! dog in rain boots 

There is a 50% chance I will need to wear a raincoat. 

Red rain slicker 

There is a 50% chance my dog will need a rain coat too... 

Jasmine Star's Dog, Polo, in a Yellow Rain Slicker 

Dog rain coat. 

There is a 50% chance that I will try to set fire to the rain. 

he he he he 

There is a 50% chance that I will get to watch my favorite movie about rain.

Purple rain 

There is a 50% chance that I will get to dance to this song. 

Milli Vanilli #Music 

Of course there is a 50% chance they could be wrong. 



Because it's happened before... 


Casey said...

I would love to send you some of my Oregon rain and wet dumb snow we have been getting this week. I'm so over it. I would die for an 80 degree day right about now! (Remind me I said this in July when I am whining about how hot it is!)

Victoria said...

Courtney, you are so funny and your posts ALWAYS make my day. Honestly can say you are the first blog friend I have met that I could truly picture myself being friends with in real life. Come to Texas :)

Ashley said...

goodness rain boots are so not my thing,but if i found those anchor boots i can't promise i wouldn't buy them. Hope yall get some good rain! I'm sick of it here!

Bethany said...

Ummm I want to add bows to my rain boots like right now!!! It is pouring here this week!

Courtney Johnson said...

We could trade...
I will trade you this perfect weather if you could handle 115* degrees days... :)
We earn the weather out here :)

Courtney Johnson said...

YES!!! Warms my heart to hear that.
The feeling is mutual my friend.


Courtney Johnson said...

Wouldn't you miss it if the rain was gone???
I remember as a kid/teen I hated the rain... Because it always seemed to in New York.
Now I long for the days and days of rain.
It would really brighten up this place. :)

Courtney Johnson said...

I think that's the storm we are suppose to get!!!
Fingers crossed...
And you should totally add bows to your rain boots and take a picture.

Ryan said...

Haha... I love this. Particularly the doggie rainboots. :)

(P.S. If you're looking for a new link-up party, I'm hosting my first one today. Would love for you to come join in on the fun. :))

shay said...

hahahahaha this was hilarious! Cute post! i'll trade. it looks like a 90% chance of rain outside my window right now. Boo.

Courtney Johnson said...

OOOOOOOOOO nothing I love more then a new link party!!!
I have a lot of things to be thankful for so look for my link a little later today :)
Thanks Mrs. Hargrave ;)

Courtney Johnson said...

I am always looking to trade weather :)
But in order get this nice weather you also have to deal with a couple 117 degrees days. :)

Katie said...

I'm in love with those rain boots with the bow tie on the back! I want them. I'm always looking at rain boots at the store but the husband says I don't need them. Silly boy. Hope your having a good week! :)

Courtney B said...

My best friend is moving to Phoenix this weekend! Someday soon I'll be there visiting her :)
And so glad you got rain! And hail and everything else over the weekend ;)

Courtney Johnson said...

It was such a nice change... This weekend looks to be nice weather wise for your best friends move...

Thanks for commenting!!! Now that we are bloggy friends you have a personal tour guide when you come to visit!!! :)