Friday, January 6, 2012

So Fetch Friday.

I think I know what you all are thinking….  

But I am not plastic and I DON'T take orders from Regina... 

So here are some things I am totally digging on this week... 
Can you spot a theme here? 

Estate Emerald Cut Natural Blue Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring Solid Platinum


dark blue wedding flowers 300x290 Blue Wedding Flowers | Blue Wedding Flowers Ideas 2011

Give up on guessing my theme? Here let me make it easier. 

File:New York Giants logo.svg



Angie said...

Each time you post I like you more! I am obsessed with themes in color.

My Beloved Life said...

I'm going to take a wild guess here and say the theme! ;)

Have a great weekend!


Page Twenty-Two said...

Cute idea for a post:) I love it...except for the Giant part...I'm a die-hard Pats fan:) I think we can still be friends though;) Happy Monday

Courtney*Cakes said...

Thanks for all the love girls!!!