Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bring on 2012!!!

I really love New Year's... I love the thought of being able to start over new and fresh... 
I love to make lists of things I wish to accomplish... The only problem is by January 6th, like most people I completely forget about the list and go back to the same routine... 

I am determined to not let it happen this year!! So I made all of my goals very achievable and worded them in a way that I can't let the pressures get me down!!! 

Without further ado I present to you.....

* Blog! Make new friends by blogging!!!
* Learn to sew (you should have guessed that this would be on here.)
* Visit my sister in San Diego
* Less text messaging and more talking with friends... Texting at times can be so impersonal
* Travel somewhere I have never been with the boy
* Explore Arizona (So much to see and do here)
* Spend more time with my Aunt and Uncle (they are not getting any younger and I don't want to regret times not spent with them)
* Learn to make my Aunt's Sauce (Don't know if I can share that secret with you... )
* Take more pictures! Lots and Lots of pictures
* Cook more
* Get up and Move
* Change my wardrobe... Seriously I have way to much black in my life.
* Create lots... And complete the projects!!!
* Learn how to "say no." I am too much of a "yes man," I need to not wear myself thin this year.
* Drink more water -> If you feel like dropping a few pounds that would be OK too...

That's all I got for now... I am sure I will be adding to it through out the year....
What's on your list??? Did I miss anything??? :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh, if you learn the secret to being able to say no, please please share it, ha! My hubby can never understand why I can't do it, it is so easy for him. Have a happy new year!

My Beloved Life said...

I'm exactly the same way. I can never say no to people! I also made the same resolution to drink more water. Coke just ain't cutting it! Wish you the best with your New Year's resolutions!


Courtney*Cakes said...

I hope to figure out the secret and share with all... ;) Maybe this could be my claim to fame!